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Display any Number of Posts in a Loop
Posted by Susan Tyson on 08 June 2016 05:57 PM

Did you ever want to display a different number of posts on different pages. For example on your category pages, you want to display 10 posts which you can control from your Admin panel, but another page you want to show only 5 posts. Well this tutorial is just for you.

Open a Template file where you want to display an x number of recent posts:

01 // if everything is in place and ready, let’s start the loop
03 // to display ‘n’ number of posts, we need to execute the loop ‘n’ number of times
04 // so we define a numerical variable called ‘$count’ and set its value to zero
05 // with each iteration of the loop, the value of ‘$count’ will increase by one
06 // after the value of ‘$count’ reaches the specified number, the loop will stop
07 // *USER: change the ‘n’ to the number of posts that you would like to display
09 if ($count == "n") { break; }
10 else { ?>
12 // for CSS styling and layout purposes, we wrap the post content in a div
13 // we then display the entire post content via the ‘the_content()’ function
14 // *USER: change to ‘‘ to display post excerpts instead
16 // here, we continue with the limiting of the number of displayed posts
17 // each iteration of the loop increases the value of ‘$count’ by one
18 // the final two lines complete the loop and close the if statement
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