Blesta Supported Gateways and Modules

List of Available Gateways


Merchant Gateways

  1. AuthorizeNet (visit
  2. BluePay (visit BluePay)
  3. Chargeback Guardian (visit Chargeback Guardian)
  4. EPSSecureNet (visit EPSsecurenet)
  5. eWAY (visit eWAY)
  6. Innovative Gateway (visit Innovative Gateway)
  7. LinkPoint (visit LinkPoint)
  8. Optimal Payments FirePay (visit Optimal Payments)
  9. Payflow Pro (visit Payflow Pro)
  10. PayJunction (visit PayJunction)
  11. Protx VSP Direct (visit Protx VSP Direct)
  12. Quantum Gateway (visit Quantum Gateway)
  13. Virtual Merchant (visit Virtual Merchant)


Non-Merchant Gateways

  1. 2Checkout (visit 2Checkout)
  2. cashU (visit cashU)
  3. ChronoPay (visit ChronoPay)
  4. GoogleCheckout (visit GoogleCheckout)
  5. MoneyBookers (visit MoneyBookers)
  6. PayPal (visit PayPal)
  7. PayPal Subscriptions (visit PayPal Subscriptions)
  8. WorldPay (visit WorldPay)
  9. WorldPay FuturePay (visit WorldPay FuturePay)


List of Available Modules

Module Configuration Version Added
CentovaCast   v2.3
CPanel   v1.0
DialUpUSA   v1.0
DirectAdmin   v1.1
eNom   v1.0
HyperVM   v1.2
Kloxo   v2.2
OnlineNIC   v1.3
Plesk   v1.2
SolusVM Open VZ   v2.5
SolusVM XEN   v2.5
VPSNET Watch the video v2.3 (Download for v2.2)
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