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Sorry, we do not offer any free trial. What we do offer is an ANYTIME money back guarantee, which means at anytime of your hosting period you can request refund. _*ACCOUNTS AVAILING DISCOUNT COUPONS WILL ONLY BE COVERED UNDER 30 DAYS GUARANTEE._
Yes we support Ruby On Rails. We run the latest stable versions of Ruby and the Rails framework. You can launch mongrel instances of your Ruby applications through the cPanel interface.
Typically account setup times are instantly after receiving payments: Shared and Reseller Accounts: Instantly after receiving payment VPS/Dedicated Server Accounts: Up to 24 hours. Upon signing up you will receive an email stating we have received your or...
We have been in business since 2009. Our Sales and Support department is located in San Francisco, CA (Main Office) and Dubai. Our Data Center is located in Canada.
We currently allow for a maximum of 200 EMAILS TO BE SENT PER HOUR on all of our hosting accounts. If you need to raise this limit please contact
We do use latest stable versions of all the server softwares and applications to avoid any issues.
We accept payments using Paypal & Credit Cards.
We use an automated fraud prevention system which monitors every order placed at Hostlatte. There are several possiblities why your order may have been marked as Fraud: Your IP address, your billing address distanced based on your IP address, your country...

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