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There are no contracts or hidden fee's. You can choose any payment term, all of our hosting comes with a Anytime Money Back Guarantee. So at anytime that you are not satisfy you can request your money back! _*ACCOUNTS AVAILING DISCOUNT COUPONS WILL ONLY...
Yes, all our servers meet the minimum requirements for Magento E-Commerce software. If you require more server resource please contact
All of our servers support the requirements for the latest vBulletin releases. We also support phpBB, Invision Board, and other forum software!
All of our servers by default have ImageMagick installed on all of our servers. The path to ImageMagick is /usr/bin/convert
All web hosting accounts include 1 free transfer and migration assistance from your old provider. We will only provide transfer for your main account and any add-on domains associated. To move from your old host, you will want to submit a support ticket a...
We do not allow any form of warez or illegal content on our network. You can not store or link any illegal content, if you do your account will be instantly terminated. No refunds will be provided if caught doing any illegal activity!
We do not allow adult content.
We do backup your website once in a week and we also give you the ability to back it up yourself. To back up your website, log into your cPanel (control panel). -> Backups --> Full Backup (Download or Generate a Full Website Backup). We recommend backup y...
All information regarding our affiliate program can be located here: If you have any other questions regarding the affiliate program, please email
For more information about our affiliate system, please read about it at

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