How to Create a WordPress plugin

WordPress Plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress. Creating a basic WordPress plugin that does something basic and cool on your site is not that hard. It is actually better to apply some tweaks to your site via a simple WordPress plugin rather than hacking your theme or an existing plugin. This approach can also help you keep the functionality separate (which is a good WordPress system integration practice).

In this introduction to creating a WordPress plugin video tutorial, we will create a simple WordPress plugin that shows you a little bit more than just the usual “Hello World” example.

Creating WordPress Plugin Video Part 1

I will demonstrate the following concepts in this part of the video tutorial:

  • Creating administration pages
  • Using the WordPress styles to create your admin styling
  • Interacting with the WP database using the $wpdb object

Creating WordPress Plugin Video Part 2

In this part of the video we are going to build on the plugin from the first video (see above) and introduce the following concepts:

  • Using forms to submit data from your plugins admin page
  • How to store your plugin data in the wp_options page for easy retrieval

Note: It is a good idea to test your newly written plugin in a local installation of WordPress or on a test site first 🙂

It is also a good idea to keep the following URL handy (just in case)

Deactivate WordPress Plugins without Logging Into WP Admin

Next, you should learn the WordPress hooks (if you don’t know it already) so check the tutorial on hooks and filters.

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