Change Database Name Using phpMyAdmin

The database of your site carries all the crucial information about your site and it is important to keep your name well descriptive and unique. We have seen many newbies who firstly name their database unprofessionally, and later they want to change so for them the guide is here. You can apply these steps to change Database name using phpMyAdmin.

  • First go to phpMyAdmin and head towards the Databases section and select your Database.
  • Ones you have selected your database, now you need to click on Operations from top menu bar.
  • Now, you need to write a name for your database under Rename Database to box and ones done, Click on Go and then it will prompt a confirmation message, accept the changes.
  • Afterwards, it will ask you to create a new database, create a new file with the same name which you’ve previously given (do spell it correctly). Then Click on OKto save changes.
  • Then it may ask you to click on OK to reload the page.
  • Now, again go back to main cPanel Page and Click on MySQL Databases.
  • After that, you need to click on Add User to Database and then select the database from the list; it should be the database with the new name.
  • Now, select the Database user from the list which must be the same which you’ve used to associate the database.
  • Afterwards, Click on Add button and then Checkmark the All Privileges box and then Click on the Make Changes button.
  • This was it!
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